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Meet The Team


Rev Andrew Woff


After an early dalliance with accounting(!), Andrew has been a pastoral leader for 36 years. He feels that God has left the best to last; he loves the grounded, compassionate, generous, ordinary goodness of the St Kilda Baptist community and working within its pastoral and leadership teams. He has done further training as a Spiritual Director and is a member of WellSpring’s formation team for the training of Spiritual Directors. While fully committed to life at St Kilda, Andrew and his partner Alice are also members of the Holy Transfiguration Community which is based in Teesdale outside Geelong.

Andrew is passionate about the idea that God is present in the ordinary stuff of human life, that God is much more forgiving, compassionate and inclusive than we can possibly imagine. God is present not in trying to be something we’re not but in our ordinary humanity: in both our gifts and our vulnerability. Alice and Andrew walk their Golden Retriever dog every day, love beauty and enjoy its expression in the parks and beach of St Kilda. Andrew plays tennis, runs weekly, follows the Western Bulldogs, enjoys silence and would rather listen to a person than read a book!

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Katecia Taylor


Katecia or Teash as she is usually called is in the office most Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. You'll often find Dot, Teash's elderly greyhound, snoozing in the office when Teash is around. Dot and Teash are always happy for folks to drop by, though one likes pats more than the other!

Teash has a few more subjects to go before she completes her Master of Divinity. She has a particular interest in queer and feminist theologies. Teash also has a business with her friend AJ called "Queers Be With You" that offers education and consulting on LGBTQIA+ inclusion in churches and Christian spaces/orgs. 

Teash believes that a large part of her role as pastor is to encourage others, celebrate their gifts and help people to see God in everyday life. Teash is very comfortable with doubt and sees it as an integral part of faith. She believes that God’s love is bigger than we can comprehend. Teash is delighted to be pastor at St Kilda Baptist and is thankful for their wonderful sense of community, passion for justice, and for their inclusivity. Teash doesn’t drink coffee but will happily have a cuppa tea with anyone.




Ross’ role as pastor is largely coordinating our Community Kitchen. It is a big role and is both pastoral and administrative.

Administratively, the logistics of providing meals for 80-100 people is a mammoth task. The food donations are generous, but unpredictable. The volunteers are wonderful, but need support and coordination.

Pastorally, it’s an even bigger and more important job. Community Kitchen is not so much about the meal, but about community. The diners are great folk, but many of them have complex needs. Ross brings a wealth of pastoral experience and expertise. He does this not just at meal times, but also in visits and contact outside of set times.




Her office days are Thursday and Friday.

As well as the office tasks of emails, newsletters, weekly aroma for Sunday morning, bookings for church buildings, keeping on top of church maintenance and keeping the church finances in order, Sally contributes in many other ways.

Sally is often leading Sunday morning services, running the meditation at MOTH, organising and conducting seasonal mid week contemplative services, and is an integral part of Community Kitchen.

Sally is also a Spiritual Director and offers her services both within and without the community.

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