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How you can donate and help OUR Church

For those who experience significant financial stress during this time due to loss of income we assure you that while “most of us enjoy considerable comfort and security, we believe that no-one in our Christian community should have to live below the poverty line” (FairShare Scheme). Please talk to one of our Pastors, Andrew, Ross or Teash if you are struggling financially or emotionally during this difficult time.

ways you can donate:


You are welcome to give an offering in person at our Sunday morning service.


You can give online via direct bank transfer. Online giving helps us to better estimate our regular giving and make appropriate budgets. If you can give online we appreciate it! Our bank details are
A/C Name: St Kilda Baptist Church 
BSB: 633 000 Account: 150 286 532

Community Share St Kilda

Community Share St Kilda (trading name of St Kilda Baptist Benevolent Society) is a registered not for profit that grew out of the work that St Kilda Baptist was doing and still works in partnership with St Kilda Baptist Church today. Community Share St Kilda in partnership with St Kilda Baptist Church offers meals and support through Community Kitchen, houses asylum seekers and so much more.

Donations to Community Share St Kilda are tax deductible and a little goes a long way! 

Name: St Kilda Baptist Benevolent Society

BSB: 633 000

Acct no: 164552424

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