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About us

We’re a progressive Baptist church in St Kilda and we hope to create a warm, welcoming space for prayer, reflection and community. We are built on compassion for each other and for others based on Jesus’ example, and this is reflected in our commitment to social justice for all, including LGBTQ+ people, asylum seekers and refugees, and Indigenous Australians.

Our church is grounded in acceptance of all regardless of background, age, gender, sexuality or abilities. We hope to lift up and celebrate our congregation and the wider community through faith.

Here’s what we love about our church;

  • You can come and be your authentic self

  • You can explore and deepen your own spirituality and find relationships with other people similarly curious about faith and life

  • You’ll find other people who believe that faith leads you to be concerned about the world, and not just yourself

  • You can be cared for if you’re struggling and care for others

  • You can find ways to use your gifts and talents no matter what your background, age, culture or level of faith

  • Kids are welcome too!

We meet together at 10am on Sundays. Our gatherings are informal and family-friendly and aim to enhance faith, build spirituality, encourage action for justice in the world, and build friendships and community. We love music, prayer and thought-provoking preaching on faith, the bible, current issues and the challenges of contemporary life. We always stay for coffee, morning tea and a chat after the service.

Whether you live in Melbourne or you’re visiting, no matter what your background or story, you are welcome here.

We acknowledge that St Kilda Baptist Church is built on the stolen land of the Boon Wurrung nation and pay our respects to their elders past and present.

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